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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  November 8, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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,, your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. grace has the day off. well, we have a smelly problem in the east bay. hazmat crews have capped a crude oil leak near the concord naval weapons station but there's still a sulphur odor
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wafting over homes there. kristy seifkin on this growing headache today. reporter: good afternoon to you, frank. well, the smell of fall is in the air but in this concord neighborhood, the smell is a lot more like rotten eggs. and that's because these houses back up to the concord naval weapons area. that's where a pipeline broke last night releasing crude oil and a smell that a lot of people are finding hard to bear. >> man, that's a nasty smell. >> it stinks. >> that was about it. told her, it's not me. >> like oil? burned oil. >> reporter: some even likened the smell to garbage or cows. but it's actually the smell of crude oil that's leaked into surrounding soil. the potent odor has left some nearby residents with burning noses, nausea and headaches. symptoms that the health department says are temporary. >> we continue to perform air monitoring both ourselves and the county. the air has been safe to breathe. >> reporter: contra costa hazmat is dealing with a
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headache of its own, the clean- up. they were still vacuuming up oil at the base early this morning and now they have to sit and wait for the pipeline to depressurize before they can fix it. >> and i don't have an exact timeline, but so many resources are now deployed right now to do this just as quickly as we can. >> reporter: the health department says the leak poses no real health threat and some locals say the smell's already getting a little better since conocophillips covered up the spill this morning. >> this morning i don't smell anything really. >> reporter: it might smell a little better this afternoon, but the hazmat team says don't get used to it because once the pipeline depressurizes they will have to reopen it to repair it and this neighborhood will get another dose of that very potent sulphur smell. back to you. on the peninsula now, pg&e says it will take at least two days to replace that gas line that ruptured during a pressure test at woodside on sunday. they are going to run another test before putting gas back in the line. the utility says a backhoe may have damaged the pipeline years ago but nobody reported that
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damage. election day tuesday, and all eyes on san francisco and what has been a hotly contested and at times contentious mayor's race. we join anser hassan at city hall where the election is being overseen by federal election monitors. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, frank. it's usually never this loud at lunchtime here in san francisco. you can here beeping for candidates behind me. monitors were called in after allegations of voter ballot tampering as well as money laundering in san francisco's mayor's race. [ beeping continues ] >> reporter: they're here to ensure a fair election and what's also a historic election. at this polling station in the castro district, one issue was big on the ballot. >> i think the mayoral race is important. yeah. definitely. >> reporter: important especially considering this is the only chance for voters to have a say in who runs the city for the next four years.
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>> basically, the mayor was very important to me. >> reporter: why? >> because mr. ed lee was not elected and it was just a quick replacement and i just want to make sure that i can have my choice. >> reporter: for san francisco voters, this is shaping up to be a historic election, as well. for the first time, the new mayor may be elected by ranked choice voting where voters pick three candidates. >> there's a big field. so certainly a lot of good and candidates. >> reporter: if there is no real winner of 50% of the vote the mayor will be selected on total overall votes including second and third picks. it's also the first time the mayor's race used public financing giving out up to $450,000 of taxpayer money to several candidates. and it's a big day for minority candidates. for the first time, san francisco may vote in its first latino or asian-american mayor an important issue for some
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voters. >> i think it is important because we are such a multiracial city. >> reporter: now, whoever wins get to take a seat in this office for the next four years. also on the ballot, the race for san francisco district attorney and sheriff as well as two controversial pension reform measures, as well. so big day for san francisco voters. back to you. >> i should say. how about the candidates? have you seen any yet? how about turnout? it's pretty low so far. >> reporter: we were there early this morning at the start of the polls opening. so we didn't see a lot of people. we did city dufty and adachi. we'll have that video later on. >> thank you. several bay area cities have mayoral races today including livermore, san rafael, vallejo. newark will elect a new mayor for the first time since the 1970s because dave smith is finally retiring after 33 years as mayor there. one of the longest runs in the
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country. sunnyvale will decide on measure a, which would allow voters rather than the city council to elect their mayor. there is also a city council school board races and ballot measures scattered through much of the bay area. you can follow the results today on our website, get complete coverage of course tonight on the cw at 10:00 and cbs 5 tonight at 11:00. breaking news from new york. live pictures of a building collapse. this is in brooklyn. there are reports that several workers are trapped inside. that's all the information we have thus far. perhaps construction workers, we don't know, stuck inside the building. you can see the new york fire department now working feverishly to try to get these men out. we don't know exactly how many workers but several workers
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stuck inside that building. we'll have more coming up as soon as we get information. a couple of hours, herman cain will address the latest set of sexual assault allegations against him. he is expected to attack his accuser's credibility in an email to supporters painting the woman sharon bialek as a person with a long history of financial trouble but cain's accuser took to the air this morning on "the early show." she said she spoke out not to profit but because it was the right thing to do. >> i wanted to be the voice and the face for those women that couldn't or wouldn't come forward. and those that know me know i'm pretty outspoken and know that i fight for my convictions and i really believe in this and i had to do something. >> we'll have the latest tonight on cbs 5 news at 5:00. president obama has a good chance of being re-elected according to the "wall street
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journal"-nbc news survey. 75% of respondents don't like the president's economic policies and they fear the country is headed in the wrong direction. but in potential matchups, president obama leads mitt romney by 6 points and herman cain by 15 points. cal state university faculty are picketing at 23 campuses today and tomorrow. they are all upset about why the proposals as well as bush contract proposals as well as -- they are upset about contract proposals and salaries. they have been upset that executives have gotten raises. the picket include san francisco state and sonoma state. today a murder suspect pleaded guilty to killing a woman inside her russian hill apartment in san francisco. 4-year-old gary scott holland accepted a plea deal so that he could avoid the death penalty. he will get 50 years to life instead. he was arrested in november of last year and accused of killing 46-year-old publicist kathleen horan.
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police say holland talked his way into the home and kill horan with a crowbar and knife. former oakland police officer has to pay $40,000 to two men who were illegally strip-searched in public. this incident happened in 2005. in august, a judge order the city pay the two men a combined $205,000 but friday the judge ruled the ex-officers should also pay. police say crime is down in an area of north oakland covered by gang injunctions. overall, crime in the 10 0 block area decreased by 2% since the injunction went into effect in june 2010. there's been an uptick in serious crimes including assault with a deadly weapon, robbery and carjacking. you never know when your mic is who. which president was over heard call israeli prime minister a liar? plus, wall street occupiers will welcome this news. wall street bonuses are getting a big haircut. how much? we have the numbers coming up next. and more space junk only
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this piece is a quarter mile long and coming close to planet earth. after a cold start the sun is shining around the bay area. don't forget, you have to get out there and vote today. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. more on your weather coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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italy may soon have a new prime minister. . dow in green territory up 75 points. good market numbers today. a run today fueled by good employment numbers. sylvio berlusconi told italy's president he will resign as prime minister after
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the new budget is approved. he lost a majority support in parliament during a routine vote. italy needs to pass a new budget and austerity measures to avoid default on debts. a vote is planned for next week. another hot mic gaff involving big political heavyweights. during last week's g20 summit in france, president obama and the french president nicolas sarkozy were reportedly overheard discussing their mutual dislike for the israeli prime minister netanyahu. apparently they were wearing microphones when czar said he was a liar, and obama said, you're fed up? i have to deal with him every day. a top 1% are taking a hit on this holiday season. 20 to 30% smaller bonuses on wall street.
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don't cry for them. the average wall street bonus about $900,000. more people of are putting their money into credit unions including here in the bay area this past weekend, hundreds of people took part in a so-called bank transfer day. a woman in l.a. was expressing anger about fees from which the movement grew occupy. redwood credit union said they opened 600 new accounts friday and saturday. in the market for a new tv? why now is the best time to buy. it felt like when you eat pizza, if it's too hot you get this cheese like burning your tongue. >> and it was supposed to make your mouth feel fresh. what one woman says she lost by using a popular mouthwash. high pressure holding on here in the bay area. cold temperatures this morning. looks like it will be a chilly temperature tonight, too. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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time to bundle it's chilly out there. time to bundle up. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> all right, frank. after a very chilly start around the bay area, finally plenty of sunshine out there and the temperatures, well, they are trying to warm up. those temperatures at least
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will be pleasant in spots. mid-60s in the warmest spots inland. as you approach the coastline, though, yeah, you have the cool sunshine and temperatures there mainly into the 50s. again tonight, looking like another chilly night outside. cold enough, skies going to stay mostly clear maybe a couple of patches of ground fog developing so watch out for that. looks like high pressure in control for today and probably sticking around for another day but you already get the sense this area of low pressure off the coastline, that's going to be dropping in toward the bay area as we head in toward thursday. that will start to cloud things up and then we start talk about the possibility of storm rain returning to the bay area. in the meantime, though, looks like we are going to stay cool for today. it looks like this high pressure strong but not strong enough to crank up those temperatures. so let's plan on 50s and 60s all across the board. numbers into the south bay warm up as high as 64 degrees in san jose. about 63 in palo alto. out toward the coastline, you have cool temperatures only into the 50s there. and about 62 degrees in
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fremont. east bay temperatures warming up to 66 degrees in pleasanton. about 64 in walnut creek and 62 degrees in vallejo. inside the bay, you'll find some cooler temperatures only 63 degrees in oakland today about 61 in alameda. san francisco checking in at 60 but a cool 56 degrees in daly city. looking out over the next couple of days, we are going to see some cool nights as we're going to see the temperatures dropping off into the 30s and the 40s around much of the bay area. but by day not bad as we'll see the numbers warming up toward tomorrow afternoon. by thursday the clouds rolling back into the bay area. chance of showers by thursday evening. looks like a better chance of rain toward friday. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. a popular brand of mouth rinse is leaving a bad taste in some people's mouths. julie watts on the consumerwatch with complaints about crest pro health line. hi. >> reporter: hi, frank. crest pro health mouth rinse hit shelves six years ago and some love it because it promises a healthier smile
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without the burn of alcohol. others aren't so in love with the unexpected side effects. >> i couldn't take my breakfast. >> reporter: kate steeper expected better gums and teeth. never expected to lose her sense of taste. >> it felt like when you eat hot pizza and the cheese burns your tongue, and then you can't take anything for a while. >> reporter: and the foster city woman said it lasted for more than a week. >> i got a little bit angry at crest. >> reporter: she's not the only one. the fda has received 350 complaints about crest pro health rinses most of them for tooth discoloration but many for steeper's problem, loss of taste or distoward the taste. >> part of it is because the active ingredient stays in your mount for a while. >> reporter: he says studies show the rinse's active ingredient an antiaccepttive known as cph is effective but acknowledges a downside. >> there are certain people who really feel an after taste.
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>> reporter: but even ryder was surprised to hear how long steeper's sensation lasted. crest tells consumerwatch the product may alter your taste but shouldn't be permanent and it's not a health issue. as far as the staining, the company says the products candice color plaque and germs already in the -- can discolor plaque and germs already in the mouth and can be removed with brushing or professional cleaning. >> at the very least they should have a warning label on there. >> reporter: and at least one dentist we spoke with agrees. crest says it has no plans to put a warning label on the bottle. the company says it is willing to offer anyone who doesn't like the rinse a full refund, however. and we asked about paying for dental cleaning. crest only would say it is responsive, quote, responsive to its customers' needs. but dr. ryder suggests you buy a trial size first to see how you like it. and if you have an issue, report it to the fda. >> it's kind of like a spot on your carpet. a little bit first, check it
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out. >> reporter: test it out. >> put a whole mouthful if, same thing. >> reporter: same thing with hair dyes. my question, if i tried this and my teeth turned brown, i won be able to work for a week. >> you would be doing had a lot. >> i would be talking like this. >> very good. thank you, much. there is no need to wait until black friday if you're in the market for a brand-new tv. retailers have already started slashing prices for big screen tvs by as much as 40%. that's a lot. experts say stores are trying to stir up excitement and get you in the doors a little bit earlierier this holiday season. that might work. fast food is most popular with the middle class not lower income americans. that's coming from a researcher out of uc-davis which found people's visits to fast-food restaurants increase as their income went up, believe it or not. the findings contradict the idea that fast food is the reason why lower income people have higher rates of obesity. kids are still drinking
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sugary sweetened beverages even though many schools have banned them on campus. university of illinois chicago survey suggests bans on soda, sports drinks and high calorie fruit drinks in schools have not affected overall consumption rates with teens. countdown is on. an asteroid is aimed towards earth. the rare opportunity it will give researchers when we come back. so stay right there. closed captioning is brought to you by palo alto medical foundation, a part of sutter health. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up tonight at 5:00, he bought the extended service warranty but when a car buyer needed repairs, he got the runaround. what that contract is really worth, plus after you shed all those pounds, how do you keep them off? the paleo mindset to success. those stories and much more coming up at 5:00. and in a few hours a space rock will come closer to earth than the moon. but it won't hit earth and will only be visible from the northern hemisphere. >> caption colorado, llc
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